Astha Global Limited

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing!

A smartphone today is not only a phone. It’s a camera, a flashlight, a map, an emailer, a voice recorder, an encyclopedia and whatnot! Likewise, Astha Global Ltd., a new generation company founded by a group of young entrepreneurs, wants to address all the business arenas. Currently, we are working in the field of real estate, construction and building consultancy.

We enjoy!

We enjoy our works. Astha is a family and all the customers in this company are its members. We want to grow through sharing and caring.


High Quality Standards

We are always committed to ensure the best quality as you pay for it, not for anything else. It is the quality you have chosen us for. We strive for quality in all aspects.

Dedicated Team

We think of you, we work for you. We analyze and select the best for you thus we get profit once but you get benefit for life.


A symbol of TRUST

Personalized Service

You are always a special one to us in each phase of pre, during and after sales services. We always take heed of your voice. We are always connected to you.

Flexible Prices

Compare, see the differences and choose Astha.